The Ultimate Workout System for women

Gain Muscle. Build Strength. Torch Fat.

This innovative, fast-paced

workout system

allows you to:

  • Gain More Lean Muscle
  • Boost Your Strength & Endurance
  • Become a 24-Hour Fat-Burning Beast
  • Strengthen Your Aerobic Power

Spare yourself the thought of another hour or day pumping iron.

There are other things to do. Plus, there’s a better way to get results. Using only your body-weight and a set of dumbbells, SPEED SHRED 60 offers a dynamic new training protocol that let’s you transform your body in less time.

SPEED SHRED 60 was carefully designed, by one of the nation’s leading experts, for the women who’s ready for an effective, quicker way to add muscle, improve strength, and sculpt a better-lookingbody.

Starting with as little as 10 minutes per session, even beginners get great results. And for the woman needing an intermediate or more advanced workout, you’ll achieve serious gains in only 20 to 30 minutes—if of course you can get through it!

Gain More Lean Muscle

Developing more muscle is hard work. The human body is naturally lazy. It only develops enough muscle to deal with whatever load is placed upon it. Speed Shred overcomes your body’s natural laziness by providing it hard-core exercises at optimal levels of intensity, volume, and rest. If you’re ready for more lean muscle, Speed Shred will help you make gains.

Boost Your Strength & Endurance

Building strength and muscular endurance are important whether you’re the average Joe or an athlete. Yet, there’s no other system that progressively improves both... like Speed Shred does. Dynamic and isometric trainings are packed into every workout to ensure endurance improvement and explosive strength development. You’ll develop greater endurance and strength with Speed Shred.

Become a 24-Hour Fat-Burning Beast

Transforming your body into an efficient fat-burner is no easy task. It requires the right “combo of ingredients” such as high-caloric expenditure, proper workout intensity, and much more. With every session of Speed Shred, you’ll use up mega-calories and create an oxygen debt that forces your body to burn unwanted fat. Plus, you’ll improve your metabolism, develop “the after-burn effect,” and become a non-stop fat-burning beast.

Strengthen Your Aerobic Capacity & Power

Strengthening your body’s aerobic capacity allows your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to more efficiently transport oxygen. Speed Shred delivers special training, routines and work/rest periods to boost your aerobic capacity, VO2 max, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Whether you’re a serious athlete or simply looking to take your fitness to the next level, Speed Shred will help you improve your aerobic capacity and power.

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By combining RIP ABS’ powerful core exercises with the SPEED SHRED 60 system, you’ll develop a set of abdominals that people notice. This special bonus was created by Michael Morelli, an expert when it comes to sculpting six-packs.

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Michael Morelli is one of the most dynamic fitness experts and Master Trainers in the world today. He holds a CPT-ISSA, RKC, CF-L1, and OPT Training & Nutrition certifications.

His profound understanding of exercise physiology, advanced strength/muscle building, and fat-loss optimization is why he has helped thousands of people with his revolutionary workouts and training systems, such as “HIIT MAX”, "SPEED SHRED 60", and “Six-Pack Finishers.”

Michael is well known for his contagious energy and enthusiasm for fitness. He delivers results-oriented workouts, world-class education, and powerful motivation that drive his clients to achieve extraordinary results.

delivers a superior, super-fast workout protocol to

boost strength, build lean muscle, torch fat,

and transform your entire body!

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Real Women Achieve Incredible Results
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It's such a great feeling to accomplish a health goal. HITT MAX has helped me do just that. I was able to key in and break through my weigh loss plateau by focusing on the one thing I had previously been neglecting: nutrition. I have learned, no matter how hard you work, you can not outwork a bad diet. I have learned things about nutrition and fitness that I didn't know before.


I feel like dying After each workout BUT its so worth it. After seeing the first results so fast i couldn't wait for next workout. The workouts don't take much of time and since i can do them at home they are perfect for me as a stay at home mom.


From someone that never worked out in her life, I can honestly say that HIIT is where the results are at! HIIT Max makes you work 10x harder in half the amount of time. When I finished the 60 day program I began incorporating it into my everyday routine.


I used HIIT MAX after lifting to supplement my boring cardio workouts. It was way more effective and enjoyable to do than my usual cardio sessions! Can't wait to get my hands on Vol 2 to challenge myself. Thanks to Michael's HIIT program i was able to look forward to and enjoy my cardio sessions!

will change the way you

work out forever

and transform your body along the way!

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